Strey Cellars

Warrior Workshop w/ Damsel In Defence

Warrior Workshop w/ Damsel In Defence

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August 9, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Strey Cellars
Malissa Leonard
(805) 233-4383

A Night for the LADIESEquip – Empower – Educate


Learn the Warrior Workshop ABC’s!
About & Awareness
Bad Guys & Bodily Intuition
Combat & Clarify

A Warrior Workshop to empower participants with Awareness, Protection, and Education so that a Warrior Mindset is developed, enabling Risk Reduction, Implementation of Learned Skills, Winning over Surviving, and Confidence over Panic.

THIS IS MY LIFE. My life is valuable and worth the fight. Those who are with me deserve to be protected by me as well. Denial doesn’t make me safe. In fact, denial has negative side effects and will cause me to be unprepared and ineffective. Personal safety is my responsibility. I will make this investment in my life because my life is worth the fight. -Damsel In Defense.