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The Scoop on Strey

February 2014, owner operators Scott and Katie Ballew opened Strey Cellars and dared to provide a super contemporary twist to wine tasting in Ventura County. Far from traditional; their cool, edgy winery experience is coupled by no less than great wine!

The idea is to “stray from the norm.” Strey embraces the industrial look and feel of the neighborhood and takes “modern” to the next level. The vibe is fresh and sleek with clicks and pops of color. Concrete counters, cider block walls and 18′ ceilings leave you feeling far from cold the moment you stride through the door. You are sure to be greeted with the warmest of welcomes. It goes without saying, Scott and Katie have poured their hearts and souls into giving locals and visitors alike a wine tasting experience unparalleled!

Don’t let youth fool you; Scott is a killer winemaker! With a soft spot for Zinfandel, it is a no-brainer that the Lodi Appellation is the source for most of his first-class fruit. Single red varietals prove to be the specialty at Strey but are in no way limiting to the wine Scott thirsts to share with local and visiting wine enthusiasts alike.

Katie completes the pair by managing the tasting room and handing everything else. She juggles event planning and the wine club, while maintaining their website and their social media platforms. This vigorous young lady never stops!

By weekday the film industry calls Scott to work and Katie to raising their daughter’s Ivy and Iris; by weekend they are sure to be your new best friends. They make award winning wine and serve it straight up with no frills.

Strey wine is unequivocally a labor of love from the inside to outside the bottle! With meticulous attention to detail and their small case production you are certain to being drinking something awesome. Feel your heart smile at first sip. You deserve it! Cheers!

Tawny 2013-2022

🐾❤️‼️ With an aching heart, tear filled eyes and so much grief, we knew we had to take a moment to share with our Strey family that Tawny passed away suddenly Wednesday July, 20th. The only thing harder than living with this hole in our hearts is knowing that we are breaking all of your hearts with this news. Tawny had special relationships with each one of you, and it brought us tremendous joy to see her greet you all with her happy tail, spring-loaded leaps, and exuberant howl throughout the years. She knew which of you would throw a ball, play tug of war, and give her belly rubs. She laid at your feet while you tasted wine, lounged in the shade of your tables while bands played, and most likely convinced some of you to share a bite of food with her. We know that Strey will never be the same, and for us, life will never be the same. In this moment we cannot imagine waking up without her, we can’t imagine walking through the door and not being greeted, we can’t imagine an Ugly Sweater party without her. We are dreading the inevitable “Where’s Tawny?” as our wine club members and friends approach the bar. Yes, we knew that Tawny has always been at the very top of the importance scale, and we were happy to see her so loved by each of you. Our world has so suddenly flipped upside down, and we ask for grace and patience as we grieve our beloved best friend and companion.‼️❤️🐾

Familiar Faces

Justine and her husband, James signed up as wine club members within the first 6 months of Strey Cellar’s tasting room opening. As a mother of three, she was more than happy to help out in the tasting room and at parties with her ever changing hair colors and entertaining stories. She officially joined the Strey Family shortly after Strey’s second anniversary as Katie’s right hand. Nobody knows the lineup like her, and she’s sure to steer you towards your favorite weekday indulgence. Her duties have progressed from tasting room manager to embracing her first love, writing. She is thrilled for the chance to stretch her wings and continue this passion by curating the Strey Cellars blog. Be sure to subscribe for an exclusive.

The Strey family is overjoyed to introduce Natalie! With her background in marketing, party planning, and a Santa Barbara wine tasting room, she has brought a fun personality, and a fresh perspective to Strey Cellars. Her artistic eye and wine knowledge are a vital compliment to our team. She is both, an animal lover, and a wine lover. With her quick wit, and fun sense of humor, you’re sure to have a memorable Sunday tasting!

You’ve seen him around, whether it’s behind the counter pouring your wine, or elbows deep in pressed grapes, Phil has become a consistent and invaluable member of the Strey team. His MacGyver abilities, and passion for wine making are the perfect pairing for our very own jack of all trades.

If you have ever been to a local wine walk you’ve probably met Gayle and Steve Nichol. For the last few years Gayle and Steve have been the winery’s event reps, bringing you that familiar Strey charm wherever they pour. Gayle has poured for many wineries in Ventura County over the years, and has found her home at Strey, in fact, Gayle was one of their first wine club members! Her exuberant personality and infectious smile is sure to charm you instantly. Steve recently found his love for wine thanks to his beautiful wife, having been immersed in the wine community in the beginning of their love story.