Strey Cellars


2015 Grenache          7 Cases Left!!!

Full flirty and fabulous! Spoil yourself with this bottle of fruit and flowers. Cherries and geraniums playfully skip across the palate. Cheers!

AVA: Lodi           

ABV: 13.6%

Retail: $30

2 Bottle Member: $27.00

4 Bottle Member: $25.50

6 Bottle Member: $24.00

Check All That Apply: P.Y.T. / Moo Baa La La La / Love-Love / Mommy’s Little Helper



2013 Tannat           Pulled until future release!

No longer a supporting role in your favorite blend; Tannat takes center stage! Bold Floral notes are layered with complexities of plum, honey and subtle oak. You may have just found your new favorite wine.

AVA: California           

ABV: 14.1%

Retail: $26

2 Bottle Member: $23.40

4 Bottle Member: $22.10

6 Bottle Member: $22.40

Check All That Apply: #Selfies / M.V.P. / Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner / Duck Duck Goose

2014 Sangiovese          SOLD OUT!!!!!!

Welcome to the lighter side of Strey. This 100% Sangiovese entices the palette with smooth cranberry and raspberry acidity, and finishes with subtle oak flavors of honey and sweet cream.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 13.9%

Retail: $30

2 Bottle Member: $27

4 Bottle Member: $25.50

6 Bottle Member: $24

Check All That Apply: Creme Brule / Mountain Views / Easy Going Flowing / Let Your Hair Down

NV GSM                7 Cases Left!!!!

We are proud to bring you a Non-Vintage Blend you’ll go ga-ga over! Three of your favorite varietals from the past three years: 45% Grenache, 45% Syrah and 10% Mourvedre Rose. It’s light and fruit forward; it’s smooth and satisfying; it’s SO Strey!

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 14.4%

Retail: $34.00

2 Bottle Member: $30.60

4 Bottle Member: $28.90

6 Bottle Member: $27.20

Check All That Apply: Veggie Delight / Smooth Criminal / One Point Twenty-One Gigawatts! / It’s About Time



2014 Syrah

A hurricane of plum, oak, and light spice flood your mouth before a delightfully smooth finish.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 15.4%

Retail: $34.00

2 Bottle Member: $30.60

4 Bottle Member: $28.90

6 Bottle Member: $27.20

Check All That Apply: 1st and 10 / Can’t Stop Won’t Stop / What Is Your Top Secret Job Colonel? / Oink


2013 Syrah

Back after a two vintage absence! Immediate notes of chocolate and red velvet open up to flavors of black pepper and rosemary. It’s got an intense mouth feel with a gorgeous soft tannin finish.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 14.6%

Retail: $34.00

2 Bottle Member: $30.60

4 Bottle Member: $28.90

6 Bottle Member: $27.20

Check All That Apply: Sweet Home Alabama / Rooftop Sunsets / Dark And Stormy / Baked Brie


2013 Tempranillo

2013 TempranilloWhy not have it all? Bold fruit and tannins are just the start of this complex Temp. Leaving everything that follows a venture unparalleled.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 15.1%

Retail: $32

2 Bottle Member: $28.80

4 Bottle Member: $27.20

6 Bottle Member: $25.60

Check all that apply: Aggressive Prom Date / Wine-Not / Gone Fishin’ / Popcorn Party


35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Syrah, 19% Tannat and 14% Zinfandel equals 100% Strey!

Stepping up t out perform its namesake, Slanted 2.0 delivers amazing fruit control surrounded by perfect mouth balence from both French and American oak. A hint of sweetness rounds out a soft yet exuberant finish.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 14.5%

Retail: $38

2 Bottle Member: $34.20

4 Bottle Member: $32.30

6 Bottle Member: $30.40

Check all that apply: Red Red Meat / 2nd Verse Same As The FIrst / May The Force Be With You / Binge Watch Netflix

2013 Late Harvest Zinfandel

2013 LHZSilky, seductive and slightly sweet. Flowing with abundant aromas of fig and oak kissed by a mild spice for a perfect end.

AVA: Lodi     

ABV: 17.2%


2 Bottle Member: $16

4 Bottle Member: $16

6 Bottle Member: $16




2015 Port-Style Syrah

RELAX. Finish your day in style with our 100% Syrah. Made in a traditional Portuguese Style, this wine has a captivating ruby appearance and even more inviting aromas of black cherry, plums and tobacco. The palate jumps with bright fruit, candied cherries and licorice leading to a seemingly endless finish noted with prune, jam, vanilla and coffee.

AVA: Lodi            

ABV: 17.5%

Retail: $42

2 Bottle Member: $37.80

4 Bottle Member: $35.70

6 Bottle Member: $33.60